The Bolt-Movement

“She teaches her classes with a balance of elegance, artistry and precision. Her unique style sets her apart from other instructors.”

Dr. Francine Dupras

The Bolt-Movement ™

Performance Training for All! 

Where Pilates, fitness and dance come together with  a Helical Effect.

People have asked with curiosity, “Why the last name- ‘Bolt’ for your movement approach?”

Why NOT?! The meaning of the word Bolt has strength! It also means: energy, lightning. My personality and cross-training style of teaching encompasses ‘Energy, Style & Strength.’ Hence, I incorporated it for the creative process of what I offer and how I teach through dance and fitness. 

I am a movement educator, trainer, and mentor and help individuals improve their fitness levels and lives through tailored (individualized) exercise programs. I have contributed to many dancer’s and clients success of different age groups and levels improve their technique for efficient movement performance, also through injury prevention coaching. I have helped athletes restore overall functional mobility to perform effectively in their recreational sports. I can proudly say that I contribute to people’s happiness  and exciting fitness life-style. 

The Bolt Movement, is my approach, energy of teaching and exercise program design. I also include the ‘Helix affect’ (done in my thesis research) and its benefits for the spine; it is my cross-training style that is different that people seem to embrace and enjoy. We all have a style; I find that dance has complemented my approach to fitness and movement practice.  

Through, The Bolt movement’s various levels of dance and fitness classes, individuals are also able to experience physical strength training to focus on balance and spatial awareness.  It is effective for functional movement performance for people from all walks of life who want to venture in a different movement practice at any age. Some classes are done on a chair, or standing offering older clients the opportunity to move within safe aerobic intervals to fun moving music and creative routines using props (therabands, balls, pilates ring, weighted balls) and small free weights. In addition, these classes target various facets of the mind, body, spirit and fitness levels incorporating the importance of the Pilates principles,  the beauty of contrology to improve locomotor skills the building blocks of coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, proprioception and memorization skills.


Sessions are tailored from private, semi-private, to group classes. Sessions include fun and creative elements to keep the body and mind engaged. From low impact, and energizing training class with Pilates Principles, to cross training formats the body will rejoice, rejuvenate and make discoveries through explorative movement techniques tailored for different levels and age groups. You will strengthen, lengthen, focus, breathe and feel good about yourself in a creative yet fun environment. I can challenge beginner to advanced dancers and athletes to make new discoveries to exert the body’s potential, and to perform effective movement to fulfill projected goals.

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