Class Catalog

*Pilates & Equipment Classes 

Preparatory class 

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Classes vary on equipment.

*Holistic Playground 

Cadillac and Chair Class for all levels. *Privates and duets available.

*The Holistic BoltMovement 

This class offers 3 levels and available for private sessions. 

This is a kinetic journey for the entire body and spine health on the mat and chair. Class consists of spatial movement, sitting and standing for spinal circumduction, rotation,isolations, length, stretch, breath, sweat and creative fun! Your body will rejuvenate and rejoice in a tribe style class.

*Pilates Mat classes with props (Pilates rings, bands, light- weights)

Level 1

Level 2 & 3

*Broadway Pilates Open to all levels. Reformer * Barre * Mat

This is a strength and tone class where your creative self will enjoy moving at the barre and reformer. Enjoy the creative exercise choreography with props, while you tone your muscles, and feel your heart pumping to broadway fun music. 

*Cross training Pilates

Pilates HIIT

Level 1

Level 2 & 3

Class uses up to 2 or 3 pieces of equipment and props.


Please NOTE: Pilates is for everyone but not every exercise applies to everyone.

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