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Training by Ana Bolt-Turrall


Training With Ana Bolt-Turall

Training the mind, body and spirit with a holistic approach for a healthy lifestyle. 

“Ana has a special way of training everyone that comes her way! She brings the best in people and encourages the body as a whole to feel and to learn.”

 Maritza Diaz

“Ana’s training and teaching approach through kindness, mindfulness, intelligence, and elegance is an inspiration. She pushes her clients from all walks of life and dance students  to be the best version of themselves.” 

Jennifer Fleschner

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Pilates Comprehensive Certified

Polestar® CPT

Pilates Method Alliance® CPT

Physical Education for K-12th Grades through the State of Florida Education Department

Additional Education Courses

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS)

TRX Suspension Training course

Pilates Teachers Perspective of Lower extremities pathologies and joint replacements with Beth Kaplanek

Laban Movement

Dance for Healing Therapeutic courses

Music for Dance Educators UM

Franklin Method dynamic imagery for movement


Masters in Fine Arts- MFA

(Practice as Research) 

Bachelors in Fine Arts BFA

Dance Education









Corporate Wellness programs

NOTE: Groups- Privates & Semi-privates in all services



Dance/Pilates/Body-Work Movement for all age groups.

 *FAITH BASED Movement workshops The Bol十 Movement

Vision, Discipline

  Equals Results

Why Train In


Strength Training

focuses on resistance to induce muscular contraction which builds the strength, anaerobic endurance, and size of skeletal muscles.

Functional Movement

Exercises involve full-body motion and engage the stability muscles, which are important in preventing injuries.  Assessments: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)and/or Polestar® Screening

Health & Wellness

An active process of sharing awareness and to assist in the process of making healthier choices towards a fulfilling lifestyle. It is a dynamic process of change and growth.

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