Carla Perroni

 “A passionate, dedicated leader with vision for the arts and creative expression, Ana is one of those people that lights up a room when she enters it. She has a huge heart and her spirit radiates into the hearts of others so they are in turn inspired to chase after their dreams. A warrior of a woman yet with a gentle soul that makes you feel like you have been friends forever. Her ability to teach and discipline with love in order to pull the best out of people are some reasons that make her work in the arts that much more remarkable. Encouraging, inspiring, loving,  and genuine, Ana is a true gem that blesses all in her path. ” 


I had the privilege of meeting Ana Bolt-Turrall while in 9th grade of high school. As a guest teacher, she was passionate, excited to work with us, and very encouraging. It wouldn’t be for another couple years that I’d have the opportunity to work with Ana in a professional contemporary dance company. While, again, we didn’t have the opportunity to get to know each other very well, I admired her strength and artistry. Everyone in the company looked up to her and the way she could turn choreography to fluid, physical storytelling. In 2011, I was working on a duet that would center on my mother, who passed away. Even one or two years after I had worked with Ana, she was the first person I thought of to play the role of such an important character. Immediately, Ana responded and we got to work. Working with her on the piece, Mother-Son(days), was an incredible honor. From 2011-2014, we performed it all over Miami and were even invited to tour it to the Florida Dance Festival. Ana is one of those rare dancers that you can give total freedom, and allow their movement to be guided by their intuition. The entire creative process was so cathartic and a beautiful experience for me, especially since it was such an important and delicate story for me to tell — and this is greatly attributed to Ana’s warm and supportive spirit. I still have much to learn as an artist, and Ana continues to be one of my closest artistic confidants and mentors.

Pioneer Winter

Choreographer / Director

“Energetic and frantic, emotional and perfectly contrived yet fluid are the thoughts that came to mind while Bolt and Winter moved. Each dancer captured the heart of each diary entry. Each movement was a step back in time to a place of innocence and irony.”

Neil de la Flor

Mother-Son(days) - Knight Arts Blog, Neil de la Flor (2011)

“The dancing rested like a subconscious layer over the words without any literal translation yet still provoked the sense of love, loss, and humor without any sentimental manipulation. His work evidences a profound maturity in such a young creator whose talent was well matched by the incomparable stage presence, subtlety and intensity, of Ana Bolt.”

Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr

Mother-Son(days) - Artburst Miami, Miguel Angel Estefan, Jr. (2012)

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