Pilates For Adults 

The Polestar® Pilates’ method gave me a stronger foundation as an instructor, complementing my dance and fitness knowledge.

Pilates is a movement technique that contributes to the physical balance of the body, mind and spirit with endless benefits from flexibility, enhanced proprioception, body alignment, tone, length and helps improve overall health and wellness. Today, people are becoming more in tune with their bodies and want an all-encompassing method of exercise to meet their varying needs. Therefore, through Pilates you will build strong, healthy muscles, improve blood flow, increase concentration and engage all the muscles in a whole different way. I will introduce you to work organically from the inside out for optimal conditioning. Any fitness enthusiast will benefit from Pilates.

Children’s Pilates

The programs I have developed for children start at the age of 6. Classes are on the mat as well as equipment based on the students age and physical development. I work with the Pilates Method Alliance® curriculum and  with modifications based on the individual. The Pilates technique is a great way for children to gain body awareness. It is a discipline that helps children focus and establish healthy choices with mind, body and spirit, that they can take through life.  The Polestar® Pilates principles apply to children as well, to help them establish correct movement patterns for posture, walking, bending, and their extra-curricular activities such as dance and sports. Pilates is also a great way to prevent injury, maintain a balance with flexibility and strength.

Pilates for dancers

Dancers today incorporate the Pilates technique to keep their muscles and core in a balanced shape with strength and flexibility. Pilates is an excellent form of exercise due to its low impact on the joints and concentration on the core, thus creating a strong back and midsection from where all movements originate. 

The benefits of Pilates for dancers are many specially keeping them injury free! Dancers are known for hypermobility and flexibility. Hence, Pilates strengthen the muscle groups to increase stability, control, precision and flow through movement integration which is an important Polestar® principle where all come together. Through my teaching dancers will achieve a wonderful strong balance between strength and flexibility to move through leaps, turns and challenging dance combinations. 

Classes incorporate mat, reformer, spine corrector, ladder barrel, tower, cadillac work, Pilates chair, props and depending on the dancer/athlete’s needs, some sessions will include cross training style techniques.

Sessions are tailored from private, semi-private, to group classes. Sessions include fun and creative elements to keep the body and mind engaged. From low impact, and energizing training class with Pilates Principles, to cross training formats the body will rejoice, rejuvenate and make discoveries through explorative movement techniques tailored for different levels and age groups. You will strengthen, lengthen, focus, breathe and feel good about yourself in a creative yet fun environment. I can challenge beginner to advanced dancers and athletes to make new discoveries to exert the body’s potential, and to perform effective movement to fulfill projected goals

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