Dance, Pilates & Performance Training

Performance Training for All! 


Dance, Pilates & Performance Training

Performance Training for All! 

The Bolt Movement

People have asked with curiosity, “Why are you using your last name Bolt for this movement concept?”

My creative response is as follows: The meaning of the word Bolt is… a Noun: part of a lock, fastener, cursor, indicator, projectile. It is also a Verb: secure, close, latch. It also means: Strong, Energetic, Ray of Light, Firm, Secure. My last name encompasses all of these meanings. Hence I utilized it for the creative process of what I offer through dance and fitness. 

What does Ana do? I am a movement educator/ trainer/mentor and help individuals improve their fitness levels and lives through tailored (individualized) exercise programs. I have contributed to many dancer's success of different age groups and levels improve their  technique for efficient movement performance, and coach them on injury prevention. I have also helped athletes and everyone who wants to restore mobility back into their lives for recreational or professional sports. I can proudly say that I contribute to people's happiness  and exciting fitness living. I give genuinely from the heart,  love what I do and the rewards that come with my job have been a blessing!

What is the Bolt Movement?

It is another way to exercise and move your body through fun and creative flair in the mix. Through this concept, individuals of all ages will be able to enjoy themselves through a series of exercises and apply the Pilates principles in a guided movement class. This movement class will challenge balance, strength and flexibility, proprioception and the beauty of Contrology for all participants. It is not a dance class so participants don’t have to be concerned with dance terms or technicalities that are required in the art form. However, the benefits are endless!

Classes are fun, creative, low impact, energizing training class with Pilates Principles for your body to rejoice, rejuvenate and make discoveries through explorative movement techniques tailored for different levels and age groups. You will strengthen, lengthen, focus, breathe and feel good about yourself in a creative yet fun environment. The Bolt Movement will take your mind, body and spirit through a journey of spiraling possibilities and grace.  For example, if you are at  strong dancer, Ana will challenge you and help you make new discoveries and the same goes for athletes. The body’s potential to perform effective movement can go beyond your imagination and inspire you to discover new possibilities; that goes for everyone at whatever fitness stage you are now. 

 Ana Bolt-Turrall (MFA, BFA) is a Polestar Pilates graduate and PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) who is dedicated to a holistic approach to overall movement wellness. The Polestar Pilates' method gave Ana a stronger foundation as an instructor along with her extensive dance and fitness knowledge. Ana's own unique style of teaching Pilates sets her apart from other instructors. She teaches her classes with a balance of elegance, artistry and precision. 

Today, people are becoming more in tune with their bodies and want an all-encompassing method of exercise to meet their varying needs. Therefore, through The Bolt Movement and the Polestar® Pilates principles you will build strong, healthy muscles, improve blood flow, increase concentration, enhance proprioception, and engage all the muscles in a whole different way.  She will introduce you to work organically from the inside out of your body for optimal conditioning. 

The Bolt movement is also a physical training concept through spatial awareness.  It is effective for functional movement performance for  people from all walks of life who want to venture in a different movement practice at any age. An opportunity for all level participants in a safe, creative and broad-minded environment without judging the individuals’ strength and bodily expression. In addition, it targets various facets of the mind, body, spirit and fitness levels incorporating the importance of the Pilates principles to improve locomotor skills the building blocks of coordination, balance, and memory for older individuals.


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